The BalsamiqMockups.cfg Configuration File

​Balsamiq for Desktop allows for some customization via a simple XML file called BalsamiqMockups.cfg. The configuration file allows you to make some software modifications, such as:

  • Using another font
  • Disabling smart alignment snapping
  • Setting your exported PNGs to use transparent backgrounds
  • Setting a different selection color for controls
  • Setting a different folder than the default Documents/Balsamiq Mockups path

Saving your Config File#

Create the file in a text editor (you can use this sample BalsamiqMockups.cfg file as a starting point) and save it to your Local Store folder. You can find this folder by opening the "About" dialog and clicking on the "Open Local Store Folder" link (or go to this page to see folder locations for all operating systems).

Note: the config file must be saved to plain text format with UTF-8 encoding! It will NOT work if you save your config file to RTF, or with the .cfg.txt or .cfg.rtf extensions. If you are using, to save in plain text format select Format > Make Plain Text from the menu.

Sample File#

The config file might look like this:


  <fontFace>Architect Small Block</fontFace> 



  <assetsPath>C:\Documents And Settings\Administrator\Dropbox\Balsamiq Assets</assetsPath> 






  • The fontFace tag allows you to specify the name of a font on your computer to use instead of Balsamiq Sans.
  • Set the rememberWindowSize tag to false if you'd like Mockups to not try to remember the size and position of the application window (some video card drivers don't play well with Adobe AIR and Mockups won't start unless you set this to false).
  • Set useCookies to false if you'd like Mockups to not save any of your preferences on the current computer (preferences include the state of "show UI Library", "Show Graph Paper" and others).
  • assetsPath lets you point to a folder of your choice as the location of your account assets. If not present, Mockups will look in a folder called "Balsamiq Mockups/assets" under your Documents folder.
  • Set snappingEnabled to false if you'd like to turn off snapping alltogether in the app.
  • Set selectionColor if you want to change the color we use for showing selection in the app.
  • Set transparentBackground to true if you want your PNGs to be exported with a transparent background instead of the default white one.

Setting up assets for non-typical Documents locations#

A config file is only necessary if you want to set up your documents outside of the typical "Documents/Balsamiq Mockups/assets" folder. Account and Project assets should work without needing a config file in a typical set up.

If your computer username is Bob, for instance, and you want to use a folder in /Users/Bob/Dropbox/BalsamiqAssets set the assetsPath element like this: <assetsPath>/Users/Bob/Dropbox/BalsamiqAssets</assetsPath>

Please also see the article on sharing symbols across projects for more information about account assets.

Setting up an assets path for cloud drives#

Here are some examples for how to set up your documents path so that account assets will work with cloud drives. This assumes that you will have a folder named "BalsamiqAssets" under your DropBox or Google Drive. Change your computer name where applicable below.

Mac OS



Google Drive

<assetsPath>/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Google Drive/BalsamiqAssets</assetsPath>

The path may vary depending on your version and setup of Windows. Please check Windows Explorer to get the correct path.



Google Drive

<assetsPath>C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Google Drive\BalsamiqAssets</assetsPath>

Please also see the article on sharing symbols across projects for more information about account assets.

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