myBalsamiq Application Overview

myBalsamiq lets you organize your work by project, create mockups collaboratively, review and iterate designs, and even deploy click-through prototypes for testing. See the myBalsamiq documentation index page for all the myBalsamiq documentation.

Application Overview #

This short video should give you an idea of what you can do with myBalsamiq.

You can also watch this video on our YouTube channel.

A Note About Roles and Access #

Many features of myBalsamiq are role-specific. Many of the instructions in this documentation are dependent upon permissions.

Project Members and Anonymous users will not have access to the same features as Staff members.

A few things to note:

  • Only Site Owners have access to Site Settings.
  • Only Staff Members have access to the Project management mentioned in the Projects section.
  • Anonymous users have the lowest level of access.

See the Setting Access Control section of projects for more information about project-level permissions, and see the myBalsamiq Access Control Matrix for all the details.

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