Managing Projects in Mockups for Desktop

Mockups for Desktop does not currently natively provide a way to bundle multiple wireframes together into projects.

This document shows you how to overcome this limitation by using some best practices and other standard software tools already at your disposal.

One Project = One Directory#

A best practice to organize mockups is to create a folder/directory for each project, as shown in the screenshot below:

Within each project folder, we recommend storing all the BMML files together, like so:

Switching between projects#

Even when your files are structured as we recommend, it can feel challenging to switch from one project to another. There are a couple features we have implemented that make this really easy. When you want to work on a new project, open up a single mockup from that new project and right click on the file tab. (If you don't see the file tab, you may need to make the File Browser visible from the View menu.) Choose Close Other Mockups:

Then right click on the file name again and choose Open Others in Same Folder:

Now you will have all of the files from your new project open without any files from other projects.

Ordering your files within Mockups#

You may wish to rearrange the order of the File Browser tabs (this can be useful when exporting to PDF, for example). You can do this by dragging them left or right with your mouse (or up or down if the file browser is set to the left or right). Mockups will remember the order of your tabs in a particular folder, even if you close them and reopen them.

The Project Assets folder#

We also recommend creating a subfolder called "assets", in which to store images that are used across your mockups. (Mockups supports GIF, JPG/JPEG, and PNG image file formats.)

You may also use this subfolder to store PDFs, PSDs and any other files related to the project.

Mockups for Desktop is designed to work with the best practices outlined above. For instance, the software will list all the images it finds in the assets subfolder in the Image Property Inspector pulldown menu automatically.

Mockups for Desktop also gives you an option to automatically copy images you bring in from other sources into the assets subfolder for you:

If you want to use the same image(s) in multiple projects, see Using Symbols, Images and Icons across Projects.

Sharing your Projects#

When it comes to sharing your projects, the first question to ask yourself is: do they need to make changes to my wireframes, or just review them and comment? If the answer is the latter, perhaps exporting the project as a linked PDF is the best option. See this FAQ for other info about how to create a "Mockup Viewer".

If instead you'd like others to make changes to your wireframes, using the best practices outlined above will make it very easy.

To share a whole project, simply select the project folder and create a ZIP archive of it, using your archiving tool of choice (both Windows and OS X come with pre-built compression tools, in the right-click menu):

Once you have a zip ready, you can send it to other stakeholders by emailing it to them or save it on a shared disk, or using a file-sharing tool like DropBox.

When your collaborators receive the project, they can just unzip the .zip file you sent them and get to work.

More ways to collaborate#

The easiest way to collaborate on wireframe projects is to use our web-based version of Mockups, called myBalsamiq. We offer discounts for customers who use both products (even if they are purchased at different times). Read more about using myBalsamiq and Mockups for Desktop together.

Mockups for Desktop also works extremely well when paired with DropBox. Here's a video that shows you how to quickly share your work with clients.

and here's another that shows you how to achieve near-real-time collaboration on Mockups for Desktop by storing your files in DropBox:

Another option is to look at our Plugin Versions of Balsamiq Mockups. They all provide easy ways to share and collaborate by storing your wireframes in the cloud. We offer discounts to customers who use both a plugin version and Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop, no matter which product you purchase first.

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