Mockups To Go - a collection of ready-to-use UI controls

Mockups To Go is a free user-contributed collection of ready-to-use UI controls and design pattern libraries to extend the collection that comes with the built-in UI Library. The Mockups are built using Balsamiq Mockups and are designed to work in your account or project assets folders as Symbols.

You do not need a login to download or submit Mockups. Anyone can combine elements and components to create new mockup templates and symbol libraries to be re-used by others and submit them. Find out how to contribute here.

What can I find on Mockups to Go?#

Mockups to go provides anything from single controls that aren't available in the UI Library, to specialized libraries with components and device wireframes for mobile phones and tablets. The collection contains both user submissions, and libraries created by Balsamiq.

Below is an example of the libraries you'll find. On the left is an iPad library, and to the right is an Android library. Click the images below to preview them.

On the left below is a simple design pattern template for Slideshows and Photo Gallery Carousels, and to the right is a more complex Symbols library of components for Twitter Bootstrap.

More libraries are available for Android, Annotation and Markup, Blackberry, General Controls, Desktop Applications, Diagrams including Flow Charts, Dialogs and Windows, Icons, iOS, Layout, Mobile Devices (miscellaneous), Social Networks, Text Controls, Web Apps and Sites, Web Browsers (app chrome), Windows 8, and Windows Phone (WP7). View all of the libraries on Mockups to Go.

Tip: you can also search Mockups To Go via Google.

How to Use It#

  1. Browse the library of controls on the site.
  2. Once you find what you need, download the BMML file.
  3. Import the BMML file using the "Project > Import > BMML Symbol Libraries..." menu item or import from toolbar in the Symbols view.

Note: for a more detailed description of the above process, see our visual step-by-step guide: How to Download from Mockups To Go.

Where to Save BMML Files in Mockups for Desktop#

For Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop 3, it doesn't matter where you save the file since it will get imported into your project file.

If you are using an older version you should save the file to the assets subfolder of the project you want to use it in.

Where to Save BMML Files in myBalsamiq#

To use Symbols libraries in myBalsamiq, you have to upload them to your Assets. See the instructions in the documentation for Uploading Assets to myBalsamiq.

When you upload to myBalsamiq Site Assets, the Symbols will be available to all projects, and uploading to a single project's Assets will make it available to that project only. In the future we plan to integrate Mockups to Go directly into myBalsamiq so you can import Symbols libraries while you're working on project.

Using in Plugins#

If you are using a plugin version of Mockups for Google Drive, Confluence or JIRA or are using the free web demo version you can import the BMML via the Import XML feature instead (Importing won't erase your current mockup, it will simply add to it).

The Symbols feature is not supported in plugins or the web demo, so you will only be able to copy or import Mockups to go content.

Visit Mockups to Go

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