A Thriving User Community #

Adopting Balsamiq Mockups means joining a growing community of programmers, designers, product managers and usability experts who are passionate about creating software and web sites that delight users every day.

This page highlights some community tools and websites which might be useful to you. We are not affiliated with the makers of the products below unless noted.

More UI Controls #

  • MockupsToGo is a user-contributed collection of ready-to-use UI components and design patterns built using Balsamiq Mockups. New patterns are added all the time - we hope you'll want to contribute as well!
  • Mock4U is a set of UML stencils for Balsamiq Mockups.
  • Blackboard Learn Symbols is a series of assets to help design user interfaces for custom Blackboard Learn (9.0 and 9.1) extensions.
  • Charts for Mockups is a library of 18 additional Graph & Chart Symbols for Balsamiq Mockups.

Templates #

Custom Icon Packs #

Icons that are ready to drop into Assets using our icon_ file naming convention.

More sketch-style icons.

Instructions on how to use custom icon packs are here.

Exporting Your Mockups To Code #

Web Flash Mobile Images Other Applications

Want to run Mockups via the command-line on a headless server? Ian Norton created these open-source scripts to help.

User Testing Your Mockups #

Prototypes made with myBalsamiq can be user-tested with the following tools:

You can also test mockups created with any version of Mockups using the tool below:

Other Products That Work With Mockups #

Mockups saves your data in an open, human-readable, documented XML-based file format called BMML. Mockups can also be exported to PNG images and PDF. Here are some tools that work well with Mockups' file formats.

  • Frontify, a web app for creating specifications, light prototypes, and style guides from your Mockups PNG files and myBalsamiq prototypes.
  • Flairbuilder, a prototyping tool that imports BMML
  • MockGen converts web pages to Balsamiq mockups
  • SketchyPad and iMockups are iPad applications that exports to BMML. An iPad application is on our roadmap too.
  • If you work with SWT, you'll like this open-source SWT to BMML importer
  • LiveMockups is an application that helps you show your Mockups prototypes on an iPhone or iPad
  • Wirify Pro is a bookmarklet which turns web pages into BMML mockups
  • Clickdummy can be used to get feedback on your prototypes
  • Mockups.me is an iPad, Android, Web and Desktop wireframing app that imports and exports BMML files
  • mockupsNode is a NodeJS module that reads, manipulates, and writes BMML files
  • Mockups Strings Extractor is a Python script to extract text strings out of Balsamiq Mockups files (Open Source!)
  • Advanced Mockup Strings Extractor is a script to extract Mockups text into XML readable by translation memory systems
  • LayerVault provides storage, version control, and collaboration and sharing tools for BMML files (and many other file formats)
  • Excel 2 Calendar Table Generator is an Excel file that allows you to easily generate Balsamiq Mockups markup for a calendar showing a month (or two) that you specify
  • Table Editor is an online tool for entering tabular data that you can export to Balsamiq Mockups-formatted text
  • ReqWriter Pro generates product requirement documents from Balsamiq Mockups files

More Community! #

Join us! #

Do you know of any other Mockups-related tool or website out there, or are you building one? Get in touch! We'd love to help you in any way we can!

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