Sharing Images, Symbols and Icons Between Projects using Account Assets

To get the most out of Balsamiq Mockups it's important to understand the concepts of Project Assets and Account Assets.

Project assets are described in details on the Managing Projects page. You should read that one first if you haven't yet.

This document focuses on Account Assets, the Balsamiq Mockups way to share images, symbol libraries and even icons across all the different projects on your computer.

Note: Account Assets only work in Mockups for Desktop and myBalsamiq right now. In myBalsamiq, Account assets are called Site assets. Please mentally replace Account with Site if you're using myBalsamiq.

Setting Up the Account Assets Folder in Mockups for Desktop#

Account Assets are considered an advanced feature, so it's not turned on by default in Mockups for Desktop (Site Assets are always available in myBalsamiq).

To turn it on, you have to create two folders on your computer and restart Mockups for Desktop.

  • On Windows and Linux, create a directory called Balsamiq Mockups inside your Documents directory. Inside the new Balsamiq Mockups directory, create a new directory called assets.
  • On Mac OS X, create a folder called Balsamiq Mockups inside your Documents folder. Inside the new Balsamiq Mockups folder, create a new folder called assets.

That's your Account Assets folder.

Any image, symbol library or custom icon file that you put in that folder will show up in Mockups as an Account Asset.

Using Account Assets#

You can get to images saved in your Account Assets folder via the image selection dropdown, the UI Library and via Quick Add.

You can get to Symbols saved as Symbol Libraries (i.e., named groups) in your Account Assets folder via the UI Library (click on the Account Assets tab), or via Quick Add.

You can get to custom icons via the Icon Library, or via the Icon Search box.

Specifying a different folder for Account Assets#

You can tell Mockups for Desktop to look for your account assets in a different folder than your default Documents folder via a configuration file.

Here's an example:

  1. Say you want your Account Assets to live in "c:\dropbox\balsamiq".
  2. Create a file called BalsamiqMockups.cfg with a text editor, containing the following text: <config><assetsPath>c:\dropbox\balsamiq</assetsPath></config> Make sure you name the file BalsamiqMockups.cfg (without any default extension given by your text editor) and that you save it in "Plain Text" format.
  3. Save the file to your Local Store folder. You can find this folder by opening the "About" dialog and clicking on the "Open Local Store Folder" link (or go to this page to see folder locations for all operating systems).

  4. Restart Mockups for Desktop. Now the application will look in c:\dropbox\balsamiq for your Account Assets.

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