How do I install Mockups?

How to install or update Mockups #

To install Mockups, head to our Download page.

Look for the big Download Mockups button and click it to download the latest version. It should detect your operating system and give you the correct installation file.

If you already have Mockups installed and just want to update to the current version, follow the process above and install over your current version (i.e., replace your old version with the new version). You won’t have to re-register and your old wireframes will still work.

Downloading installer files instead of using the Download button

If for some reason you can't see or use the Download button shown above, you can download installer files directly as well. Look for the "All Downloads" section for the installers for your operating system.

To uninstall, see this page.

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Last Updated: Mar 28, 2014 10:18AM PDT