Is there a Mockups Viewer to share my prototypes with my clients?

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This page has been updated for Balsamiq Mockups 3. Old docs are here.

Yes! Mockups is designed for collaboration, so there are a few different ways to achieve this. Your best options are exporting an interactive PDF or sending your clients your Balsamiq files directly.

Share PDF document #

To create an interactive PDF that you can email, put online, or even show on a mobile device, first use our linking feature to link your mockups together. Then export your project as a PDF using the menu "Project > Export > Project to PDF...". A single PDF file will be created, with a mockup for each page. Clicking the links you've created should jump the PDF from one mockup to another.

Share Balsamiq files #

Another way to share your work is to email your Balsamiq files (files with a .bmpr extension) to your clients directly, along with a link to download Balsamiq Mockups - - if they don't already have it.

Tell your clients to install Balsamiq Mockups and open the file(s) you sent. They will be able to go full-screen and click around or view the mockups in the editor. During the 30 day trial period they’ll be able to make changes and save them. When the trial expires, they won’t be able to save but they’ll still be able to view them, click the links, and even copy/paste the strings if needed.

Share PNG images #

You can export all of your mockups to PNG images that you can send to your clients. More info about that feature here.

Use myBalsamiq! #

Last but not least, you could upload your files to myBalsamiq, our web-based application which offers built-in commenting, branching and mockup revision history. Learn more about myBalsamiq and see How to Share your work with outside clients in myBalsamiq.

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