Product FAQs

  • How to choose a wireframing / prototyping tool. Is Balsamiq Mockups the right tool for me?

    Choosing the right wireframing / prototyping software tool can be daunting, especially if you are new to this space. We wrote this quick guide to help you make a decision by giving you a set of questions to think about when evaluating different soft... (Read more)

  • How does Balsamiq Mockups compare to other UI/UX tools?

    Balsamiq Mockups may or may not be the tool you expect it to be. Perhaps someone told you that you should use it but you don't really know why. Or maybe you already have a tool that you're familiar with but want something that does more (or less!). T... (Read more)

  • Can I specify interaction beyond linking mockups together?

    Yes! But perhaps not the way you expect. Here’s a number of techniques: Specifying Interaction with Mockups. Here’s why we’re not adding any more features to support interaction for the time being: Why We Aren’t Doing Deep Interaction in Mockups. Y... (Read more)

  • iPad FAQs

    This page addresses some of the frequently asked questions about iPad and iOS apps and controls. Is there an iPad version of Mockups in the works?# ​Yes! An iPad version is currently in active development. Stay tuned to our release anno... (Read more)

  • Balsamiq Mockups Font FAQ

    What changed, and why?# Mockups 2.1 introduces a new embedded font designed to work in all of our versions of Mockups. The font replaces Comic Sans on Windows and Linux, and Chalkboard on the Mac. We made this change because the old fonts had ... (Read more)

  • Is your documentation available offline?

    No, it's not. But there are a number of tools that allow you to easily convert web pages to PDF files. You can use them to generate individual PDFs of our documentation pages. Here are a couple that we've used: Print Friendly and You... (Read more)

  • Someone ripped you off!

    If you found a clone of Balsamiq Mockups somewhere on the web, this page is for you. The first time a clone of Mockups came to the market, our founder Peldi was quite upset. How dare they steal his ideas? No fair! :) Over time, with many more copy-... (Read more)

  • Can you go any faster?

    Hello from the whole Balsamiq team! Every now and then we're asked if we can release updates faster. We understand that it can be frustrating if the speed to get things implemented isn't as fast as customers want it to be. The push to take fundin... (Read more)

  • Balsamiq Heartbleed FAQ

    Has my myBalsamiq or customer information data been compromised due to the Heartbleed bug? We have found no evidence of it. Was Balsamiq vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug? Yes. These customer-facing services were vulnerable: myBal... (Read more)

  • Mockups for Desktop Stuck on Launch?

    In some rare cases, Mockups for Desktop will get stuck on launch, only showing the loading screen and not progressing. When this happens, the following workaround usually fixes things: Quit the app (you might have to Force Quit or kill the p... (Read more)