• Tutorials and Videos

    Below is a list of guides and video tutorials to help you learn and grow with our products. Tutorials containing videos are marked with a video icon, and all our videos are consolidated into a playlist in the Videos section below. Tutorials made by... (Read more)

  • Mockups Intro Video

    This introductory video provides overview of how to work with Balsamiq Mockups: Adding and using controls via drag and drop or Quick Add, working with images and Symbols, and showing your designs to stakeholders. It’s only 4 minutes long, but it’s pa... (Read more)

  • Intro to User Experience Design

    Mockups has helped democratize interface design in the communities who use it. A broad range of people coming from different roles and fields have adopted sketch-style wireframing. Making ideas come to life quickly with wireframes is a revelation. Yo... (Read more)

  • Creating Your First Mockup

    This tutorial is designed to guide you through creating your first Mockup. It will cover a basic overview of the product as well as some of the features and UI controls. Here is the Mockup that you will create in this tutorial: ​If you're new to ... (Read more)

  • Creating a Mobile Application

    Introduction # In a previous tutorial we learned how to create a mockup for a basic web site. In this tutorial, we'll go through the steps of creating a series of mockups for a (fake) mobile banking application. Some other resources that might b... (Read more)

  • Tips for Working with Controls

    In this video you’ll learn the most common tips and tricks for working with controls in Balsamiq Mockups. Snapping, aligning, cloning, arranging, it’s all here. We promise you’ll make up the 6 minutes spent watching this video in no time. Watch in fu... (Read more)

  • Linking Basics

    This video provides a quick introduction to creating links between mockups. More information on linking can be found on our linking documentation page. (Read more)

  • Multiple Selection in Mockups Controls

    If you ever wanted to show more than one line selected in your lists, you've come to the right place. Balsamiq Mockups only supports single selection in list controls right now, but there are two easy ways to simulate multiple selection. Watch the v... (Read more)

  • How To Create a Symbol

    This lesson will show you the steps to create a Symbol (also called template, master or widget) from within Balsamiq Mockups. Symbols let you create reusable elements that are available to different mockups. They prevent you from having to create the... (Read more)

  • How to Download from Mockups To Go

    This lesson will show you how to download mockups contributed by the community from our Mockups To Go site and use them as Symbols in your own mockups. This process is the same for both Mockups for Desktop and myBalsamiq. Symbols are not yet supporte... (Read more)