Mockups for Desktop FAQs

  • Mockups for Desktop Troubleshooting Guide

    Something not working as expected? We're here to help! Here's a short list of steps we recommend. 1. Check your Version # If you've hit a bug there's a decent chance we've fixed it in a recent update. Start by checking the download page to ... (Read more)

  • Can I Use Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop with Dropbox / / OneDrive / iCloud Drive?

    We often get this question: does Balsamiq Mockups 3 work well with my favorite file sharing solution? The answer to that is: Yes, yes it does. But read on for some things you might want to know first. Getting Conflicted Copies? # File shar... (Read more)

  • Does Mockups automatically save open files?

    Yes! Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop automatically saves every change immediately so you won't ever lose any work, and you won't get bugged by annoying dialogs while trying to quit the app. The only time you'll be asked whether you want to save or not i... (Read more)

  • Is there a Mockups Viewer to share my prototypes with my clients?

    Yes! Mockups is designed for collaboration, so there are a few different ways to achieve this. Your best options are exporting an interactive PDF or sending your clients your Balsamiq files directly. Share PDF document # To create an int... (Read more)

  • Can I export mockup notes?

    When you export your mockups to PDF you can choose to export the notes that you've written in the notes panel by checking the box labeled "Include mockup notes." Exported images do not include mockup notes. Another way to share mockup notes is ... (Read more)

  • Can Mockups Export to HTML/CSS/JS, XAML, Ruby, etc.?

    Not directly, no. There are too many technologies for a small company like ours to keep track of and export to, so we don’t plan on adding export capabilities natively any time soon. There are some projects which extend Balsamiq Mockups in various ... (Read more)

  • Can I use Symbols and Assets across Projects?

    Now that Balsamiq Mockups bundles Symbols, images and custom icons into a single project file we no longer support references to files outside of the project for use across projects (formerly called "Account Assets"). Using Account Assets often resul... (Read more)

  • Can I add a custom control or icon?

    Mockups for Desktop supports the concept of Symbols (also called templates, master pages, custom components, widgets, etc.). Please read our symbols documentation to learn more about this powerful feature. Mockups also provides the ability to add yo... (Read more)

  • Can I reuse common elements across mockups?

    Yes! Using the Symbols feature. You may also be interested in Mockups To Go, a user-contributed collection of ready-to-use UI components and design patterns built using Balsamiq Mockups. (Read more)

  • Is there a more formal skin for Mockups?

    If you want your wireframes to take on a more polished, less hand-drawn look, try the wireframe skin! To switch skins go to the Project Info panel and set the Skin setting to "Wireframe". The screenshots below show a comparison of a sample desi... (Read more)