myBalsamiq FAQs

  • myBalsamiq and Mockups for Desktop

    This document aims to answer a few common questions between the interaction between myBalsamiq and Mockups for Desktop. Savings when using both versions# We already purchased some Mockups for Desktop licenses. Can we save some money on m... (Read more)

  • myBalsamiq and Mockups 3

    Note: myBalsamiq and Balsamiq Mockups 3 (for Desktop or for Google Drive) currently use different internal file formats. To use both, you will need to import and export between them. Going from myBalsamiq to Mockups 3 # If you are using myB... (Read more)

  • Can I use myBalsamiq with Atlassian JIRA or Confluence?

    We sell plugins for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence, however you may already use and like our web application myBalsamiq. While we don't have a specific integration between Confluence or JIRA and myBalsamiq, you will be able to add links to your mocku... (Read more)

  • Best Practices for Grouping Mockups in myBalsamiq

    A few people have asked us what the best way to group sets of Mockups together in myBalsamiq is. This document offers a couple of suggestions. Using a naming scheme within a project# A simple way to group mockups that are related to the sa... (Read more)

  • Using myBalsamiq in Your Classroom

    If you are teaching a course about human computer interaction, software design, user interfaces or prototyping, the free myBalsamiq for classroom use offer can be a useful tool to add to your teaching arsenal. This guide helps instructors who pl... (Read more)

  • I did not receive the myBalsamiq confirmation email. What can I do?

    Site Confirmation # We require myBalsamiq site owners to confirm their email address because we want to make sure they can receive important automated email notifications from the app. We send a confirmation email as soon as you sign up for a... (Read more)

  • Site Owner FAQs

    Here are the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about myBalsamiq Site Owners (also called Site Administrator). What is a Site Owner? # The Site Owner is usually the person who signed up for the myBalsamiq site initially. T... (Read more)

  • Can I Make My Project Read Only for Project Members?

    myBalsamiq does not have a read-only permission setting for project members. When you add project members to private projects they have permission to edit Mockups as well as comment and create new Mockups. If you are worried about project members ma... (Read more)

  • Can I run myBalsamiq on a server inside my firewall?

    Not at the moment. A behind the firewall version is not in the plans, but maybe a private-cloud one could be a possibility. Let us know if you’d like to chat about it. In the meantime, you might want to look into Mockups for Confluence instead. You... (Read more)

  • Our myBalsamiq site owner left the company. How can I reclaim our company's site?

    The process of tying up all the loose ends caused by an employee's relationship with a company coming to an end can be a long and frustrating one. This quick guide is designed to help you reclaim a myBalsamiq site by transferring ownership of it to ... (Read more)