Can I Use Symbols and Assets across Projects?

Now that Balsamiq bundles Symbols, images and custom icons into a single project file we no longer support references to files outside of the project for use across projects (formerly called “Account Assets”). Using Account Assets often resulted in missing images or Symbols when files were moved around, network drives were disconnected, or wireframes were sent by email.

But you may still want assets that are common across projects, like a logo image or Symbol Library of custom controls. In this case we suggest creating a Balsamiq project that serves as a template for new projects. Read on for instructions.

Start by creating a new project. Add to it any images, icons, or Symbols that you think you’ll want available to all your projects in the future. If you are designing for a specific platform (e.g., mobile or web) you could also add a control such as Browser, Window or iPhone to the first wireframe. This is your template project. You may want to save it with a name that includes the word “template.”

Then, whenever you want to create a new project using this template you can open it (if it’s not already open) and select Project > Save Project As… from the menu (CTRL/CMD + Shift + S) to save the contents, including the assets, as a new project. Continue your work in the new project. You can do this for all new projects to easily start with a built-in library of commonly used assets.

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