I'm on a Small Screen. How Can I See More of the Canvas?

As described in the Mockups 3 Application Overview, the user interface is divided up into five areas. The primary working area is the Canvas and it is always visible in the center of the screen. You may not need or want to see the other areas at all times, however.

For this reason the UI Library, Navigator, and Properties panels can all be toggled on and off using the mouse or keyboard.

These panels are highlighted below along with the icons that can be used to toggle them on or off.

The keyboard shortcuts for toggling them are listed here:

  • UI Library: CTRL+L or CTRL+F1
  • Navigator: CTRL+J
  • Properties Panel: CTRL+; or ALT+ENTER
  • Project Info Panel: CTRL+,

Hiding all of the panels results in a user interface that looks like this:

The associated toolbar icons turn from blue to white when the panels are not shown.

Note that you can still add controls to the canvas when the UI Library is hidden using Quick Add. And you can navigate between your mockups using the additional toolbar icons that appear when the Navigator Panel is hidden.

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