myBalsamiq and Mockups 3

Note: myBalsamiq and Balsamiq Mockups 3 currently use different internal file formats. To use both, you will need to import and export between them.

Going from myBalsamiq to Mockups 3 for Desktop

Note: Before performing these steps, please make sure to update Mockups 3 for Desktop to the latest version.

If you are using myBalsamiq and would like to move your wireframes over to Mockups 3 for Desktop, all you need to do is Download the BMPR file from the myBalsamiq project page:

The option is also available from your myBalsamiq home page:

The “Download BMPR” option will create a BMPR file from your myBalsamiq project and downloads it to your computer. This file contains all the mockups and assets from this project in one file. It also includes the mockup notes, project description and alternates versions.

The resulting BMPR file can be opened directly in Mockups 3 for Desktop (from version 3.5.7 and above).

Going from myBalsamiq to a Mockups 3 Plugin

If you want to move your project from myBalsamiq to one of our Mockups 3 plugin products you will need to use the Download Zip option from your myBalsamiq project page:

The option is also available from your myBalsamiq home page:

Once downloaded, open a new project in your Mockups 3 plugin app, and select Project > Import > Project from BMMLs Zip from the dropdown menu.

You will be prompted to select the zip file that you downloaded from myBalsamiq. After selecting it, Mockups will import your project!

Going from Mockups 3 to myBalsamiq

Here’s how to export from Balsamiq Mockups 3 and import to myBalsamiq:

  1. In any Mockups 3 product, select the menu, “Project > Export to BMMLs Zip…

  1. Go to your myBalsamiq site and click the Upload New Project link from your home page. Browse for your .zip file.

Note: Balsamiq Mockups 3 doesn’t export non-image assets so if you use them you’ll have to manually upload them to myBalsamiq.

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