Site Owner FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about myBalsamiq site owners (also called site administrator).

What Is a Site Owner?

The site owner is usually the person who signed up for the myBalsamiq site initially. They can manage users of the site and have additional administrative privileges via access to the Site Settings page. They also determine the Intellectual Property rights of the work on the site (this policy is described here).

This site owner should be a real person with a dedicated email address, not a group email address. Things can get messy otherwise!

How Can I Find out Who the Site Owner Is?

To find out who the site owner is, click on the “Staff” link in the header. Once on the Staff Members page, there will be a label on the avatar of the site owner, as shown below.

Can I Change the Site Owner?

The site owner may transfer ownership to another user in the Site Settings page. The process is described here.

The Site Owner Left the Company. What Now?

Please see this article describing the steps to take if this happens.

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