Looking for UX Volunteers?

The resources on this page should be of interest to:

  • Nonprofits looking for UI Designer volunteers
  • UI Designers looking for opportunities to volunteer their time and services to a nonprofit

Live Wireframing Session with a Balsamiq Expert

We want to support nonprofits who are trying to make the world a better place. To further our goal, we’d like to offer our help wireframing your website or product.

Our in-house UX experts are available to collaborate with you on the design of your product for a one-hour online wireframing session. This session will be recorded and published for educational purposes so others can learn wireframing.

To take advantage of this resource, apply to our Free Program and make sure to check the box “I’d like help wireframing my website or product.” If you’re already part of our Free Program as a nonprofit, you can apply by emailing us at community@balsamiq.com.

We’re a small company with only several experts and a limited number of slots available every week. Please only apply for a design session if you can not afford to hire an expert.


Tech Volunteering

  • Catchafire - Matches professionals to mission driven organizations in need.
  • Code for America - Organizes and builds open source software to improve government services using volunteers. One page provides specific issues that can be worked on.
  • Community Corps - A skills-based volunteering program that matches technology professionals with schools and nonprofits. Organizations request volunteers and the Community Corps lets volunteers search for specific opportunities related to skill. Mostly technical, but there are some categories like website review, which would be relevant for people who do usability evaluations.
  • Geeklist Hack4Good - Organizes hackathons to build solutions to humanity’s greatest problems.
  • Hackathon for Social Good - Organizes hackathons to build web and mobile applications for nonprofits.
  • Volunteer Match - Volunteering site that let’s volunteers search for opportunities by cause and locale. Doesn’t provide any match of ability to need.


  • Humanity Project - Humanity Project is a space for businesses, organizations and individuals to raise funds for their mission.

We hope these help.

If you know of any other resource that would be helpful to include in this list, please email us at support@balsamiq.com!

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