Why Do Your Apps Look Different?

This page will cover the differences in editor versions. Check out our Products Page if you need a more in-depth view about each product.

Editor Versions

We currently have three different versions of our editor (the part of our application where you create and edit wireframes).

First, there is the Balsamiq Wireframes editor, which made its debut with Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive. It is our state of the art native editor. That means it’s super fast and doesn’t require the installation of 3rd party frameworks or plugins.

Next, there is Version 3 Editor, which we debuted with Mockups 3 for Desktop. It was the perfect bridge release between our Version 2 Editor, and the Balsamiq Wireframes editor.

The final editor is the original Version 2 editor. This powerful editor powers all of our legacy applications. It served us very well for a long time, but we have been phasing it out over the past few years. None of our modern apps run on this editor.

Products Based on the Balsamiq Wireframes Editor

  1. Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive
  2. Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Server
  3. Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira Server
  4. Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Cloud
  5. Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira Cloud
  6. Balsamiq Cloud

While most Balsamiq Wireframes products will update automatically, Atlassian Server customers will have to update manually through their installation’s UPM.

Products Based on the Mockups Version 3 Editor

  1. Mockups 3 for Desktop
  2. Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud
  3. Mockups 3 for Jira Cloud

Most products based on the Balsamiq Version 3 Editor will be updated simultaneously whenever we release a new version (you’ll have to manually download the desktop app).

Products Based on the Mockups Version 2 Editor

  1. myBalsamiq (Not accepting new signups)
  2. Mockups for Confluence Server (No longer for sale)
  3. Mockups for Jira Server (No longer for sale)

These three applications will work almost identically, save for one major difference: The Atlassian Plugins based on the Mockups Version 2 Editor (Confluence Server and Jira Server) do not support the creation of symbols. This is due to a limitation in the way the plugins were initially implemented.

Editor Differences

With the version 3 editor, we introduced our .bmpr project file format. This allows all of your wireframes, assets, and symbols to live in a single file, making sharing even easier!

The version 3 editor and Balsamiq Wireframes editor look almost identical, but the Balsamiq Wireframes editor is completely native to your OS and Browser, so it should be a lot faster. With the official release of our Balsamiq Wireframes products, the version 3 editor has been moved to maintenance only releases. These will slow over time, as more of our products are moved to the Balsamiq Wireframes editor.

All of the products based on the version 2 editor are legacy products and are, for the most part, no longer maintained (we will issue security updates to myBalsamiq as needed).

If you have any specific questions about differences, don’t hesitate to email us.

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