How Do I Transfer a Mockups 3 for Desktop License from a User to Another?

Our Mockups 3 for Desktop licenses are named and transferable, meaning that if one of your employees leaves you may recycle that license to a different user.

Transferring a license is very easy:

  1. Select “Unregister from this Computer…” from the Mockups 3 for Desktop Help menu on all the computers of the person that’s no longer going to use it.
  2. Download and Install Mockups 3 for Desktop on the new user’s machine and use your License Information (the one you received via email or invoice) to register it.

That’s it!

Here’s a little screenshot of all the different screens you’ll be seeing (click on the image to enlarge it):

Transferring to a New Machine as the Same User?

Our licenses are tied to you, not a particular machine, so just go ahead and register Mockups 3 for Desktop on your new machine with your old License Information. If you will no longer be the user on the old machine, follow the instructions above to un-register Mockups on it.

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