I currently have a myBalsamiq subscription but want to move to Balsamiq Cloud. What should I do?

Fantastic news! Before we get started, bear in mind that myBalsamiq and Balsamiq Cloud are two different products, and moving things around will require a bit of work.

These steps assume that you already have an existing Balsamiq Cloud account and Space. If you don’t already have one, make sure to check out the Quick Start Guide to get started on your project. Once that’s done, come back here to complete the steps below.

  1. Prior to canceling or making any changes to your subscription, you will want to move your projects from myBalsamiq to Balsamiq Cloud. The steps to do so can be found in the Importing from myBalsamiq section of the docs. If you run into any issues, please reach out to our Tech Support team with details on the problem you’ve encountered.

  2. Once your projects have been properly imported to Balsamiq Cloud, the myBalsamiq site owner or secondary billing administrator can cancel your subscription. Note that doing so will stop the automatic renewal of the subscription. If you have remaining time that you would like refunded, please get in touch with us right away.

  3. Now that your myBalsamiq subscription has been canceled, you can sign up for the Balsamiq Cloud plan that best suits your needs. The plans are offered on a monthly or yearly basis, just like myBalsamiq, and you can cancel at any time - Managing Your Balsamiq Cloud Subscription.

If you have credit accumulated in your myBalsamiq subscription, please make sure to let us know as well. We’ll be happy to move the credit over once you have signed up for a Balsamiq Cloud subscription. Note: Credit can only be applied to Cloud Spaces that are already on a paid plan.

One last thing, since myBalsamiq and Balsamiq Cloud are separate, you will need to invite your staff members again. Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate them from one service to the other.

My myBalsamiq Subscription or Free Trial Already Ended but I Have Some Projects I’d like to Move to Balsamiq Cloud.

Depending on when your site expired, it’s possible your projects are still around (see no hibernation). Our Sales Support Team will be able to let you know if your site can be reactivated into a free trial for you to be able to access and download your projects. Your site owner can send in a request to reactivate the site if it’s still available; make sure to include the site name, subdomain or the registered site owner’s email address.

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