I Use Confluence/Jira, What Product is Best for Me?

This is a question we get a lot and this FAQ should assist you in making the right decision for you and your team.

Our Atlassian Plugins

Perhaps the easiest route for you and your team would be to license one of our Atlassian plugins.

These plugins will allow your team to attach wireframes directly to your Confluence pages or Jira issues, without any fuss. Everything is built in, so your team never has to leave your Confluence/Jira instance. It’s the easiest way to mockup in Atlassian.

If you use Confluence Server or Jira Server you have two purchasing options. If you use Confluence Cloud or Jira Cloud, you will need to purchase via Atlassian Marketplace. Marketplace requires that you subscribe to add-ons based on your Confluence/Jira user tier. For those who have a very small subset of their Confluence/Jira users who actually need to create wireframes, our plugins for Confluence/Jira might not make financial sense. If that is the case, one of the two options below could be a better choice for your team.

Mockups 3 for Desktop

Mockups 3 for Desktop is our most popular application, since it’s great for teams of all sizes.

Mockups 3 for Desktop allows your designers to have complete control of their projects. When they are ready to share with the rest of your team, they can attach an exported PDF or PNG to a Confluence page or Jira issue.

If you have Wireframes for Confluence Cloud or Wireframes for Jira Cloud installed, you can easily import a project (BMPR file) created in the Desktop version by creating a new project and using the “Project > Import > Import from BMPR..” option.

The same option is also available in Wireframes for Confluence Server and Wireframes for Jira Server.


Although we’re no longer taking new sign ups, if you already have a myBalsamiq site (our vintage web app), you can make it work with Atlassian.

As you have probably noticed, myBalsamiq is priced on a project basis, but you can invite as many people as you want to collaborate on your wireframes. If you want your wireframes to also live in your Confluence/Jira instance, you can add the wireframes’ png to your Confluence Page or Jira issue.

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